Aruba has the ideal climate all year long!

The activities

Apart from your stay in the ArubaLagunita, privileged by it’s perfect position by the beach, there are so many more activities you can enjoy to make this an unforgettable vacation.

The island of Aruba is perfect for relaxing kissed by the sun and swayed by a constantly calm ocean with warm waters all year long.

Some of the activities available are kite surf, windsurf, paddle, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing.

You can in fact alternate days spent on the beach with days os safari tours, submarine diving and trips on catamarans.

Kite Surf, windsurf and Padel

Kite-SurfThe ideal beach for this sport is Palm Beach, located only a 5 minutes walking distance from Aruba Lagunita; here you can find many training classes with excellent instructors. This beach is enriched by a calm ocean with beautiful colors. Another ideal beach to practice Kite Surf is Boca Grandi, located in the south side of the island.



Aruba is a place of incredible beauty for all who love snorkeling, with uncontaminated coral reefs o a unique beauty populated by myriads of colorful fish. A mask a snorkel and flappers is all you need to access to this wonderful underwater world. The most beautiful spots are in the Malmok, Boca Catalina and Arashi beach.


Noleggio Catamarano ArubaYou can also enjoy a trip aboard a catamaran that lasts 2 hours. It has an area of shade for those who don’t enjoy too much sun , but also hammocks to relax and sunbathe . It’s also equipped with snorkeling gear and you would be followed by expert instructors for no additional cost. Also drinks and snack are complimentary. There are two stops: the first is Antilla, where you will admire the famous ruins of the German Ship and the other stop is at the Coral in the Arashi area.


subAruba has been nominated the best destination for scuba diving in the Caribbean by the magazine Scuba Diving. Diving in these crystal clear waters are always unforgettable experiences, thanks to the numerous species of flora and fauna and the many relicts that the sea bottom hides. In fact aruba is also known as the capital of sea bottom relicts and one of the top destination for this activity, also because the mild climate allows scuba diving all year long. There are around 40 diving sites in the island especially in the protected western and southern coasts that offer diving from shore,in the coral reef and along the relicts and ashore. At the moment the island is working to preserve the ecological health of the sea bottoms and
create a protected underwater park.


Aruba pesca sportivaFor the game fishing lovers, La Marina Renaissance offers expert guides that will accompany you on a yacht, to live a comfortable but equally memorable and exciting experience.
For more informations you can follow the link

Aruba Athantis Submarine Expedition

Aruba Atlantis Submarine Expedition

This trip is a really pleasant experience on the SubSeeker submarine to explore the Caribbean Sea; the submarine started its immersions October 15th 1990.

It offers a comfortable and up close view of the exotic underwater life and the wreckage of the ships sank in the Bocadera Reef, you can admire at least two relicts during this trip. The submarine goes to 130 feet deep in the water and the trip lasts 1 hour, all in a very comfortable setting with air conditioning and without getting wet.
This experience is suitable for every age.

The tour starts in the Adventure enter of Ornjastaad, you board the submarine and start your adventure; a voice will guide and explain everything in a very professional and pleasant way throughout the whole immersion, to fully enjoy this wonderful experience. The submarine is approved by the USA Coast Guard and is completely ecological.

Tours Atlantis in sottomarino per i mari di Aruba

A local guide will offer you a private tour of Aruba

It will help you to escape the crowds and discover the lost treasures of the island. You start the trip with a walk around the colonial cities of Oranjestad and San Nicolas, where you can learn about the history of Aruba, shopping or a good typical meal, because in this area there‚Äôre several restaurants. Then … all aboard! to venture away from the bustle of the tourist area, going towards the white beaches of Arashi Beach, one of the less touristic places on the island. Explore Arikok National Wildlife Park, with its cacti, divi-divi trees, the natural pool and the historical artifacts of the first indigenous art.

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